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ELA-English Language Art- Program

Reading & Writing

Introducing our comprehensive Reading and Writing Programs, where we employ a dynamic approach to enhance literacy skills. At the core of our curriculum is the acclaimed Evan Moor Daily 6-Traits Textbook, a trusted resource that forms the foundation of our teaching. To ensure a well-rounded and robust learning experience, our dedicated teachers also create supplementary materials tailored to meet the unique needs of our students. Together, these resources provide a solid framework for developing essential reading and writing skills, fostering creativity, and nurturing a lifelong love for literature and expression. Join us in this educational journey to unlock the full potential of your child's literary talents.

Student Classroom Desks
Recording English Class

ESL and Vocabulary

Introducing our ESL and Vocabulary Program, designed to empower students with the language skills needed for success in an English-speaking environment. Our program offers a comprehensive curriculum that addresses both English as a Second Language (ESL) proficiency and vocabulary enrichment. With a focus on practical communication, grammar, and fluency, our ESL component helps non-native English speakers build confidence in their language abilities. Additionally, our Vocabulary Program enhances students' word knowledge and comprehension, expanding their language toolkit for effective communication and academic achievement. Join us to bridge language gaps and unlock the doors to better communication and academic success.

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